2001 – 2009

Type: Website Backend

Client: Stefano Galastri, CEO

Link: (Internet Archive)

Skills: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl)

Description: Marikina CGI entered into a long-term collaboration with, including four years consulting on-site at the company headquarters in Italy, and a further four years based in Philippines. After the buyout of in 2008 by Venere, and then a further buyout six months later by Expedia, the partnership was concluded at the end of 2009. Below is an approved Press Release from 2005, describing the role of Marikina CGI and the services provided to up to that point.

“WorldBy.Com is an Internet travel agency, dealing with the rental of hotel rooms, villas, apartments and farmhouses in Europe, with estimated gross bookings valued at around 30 million dollars in the year 2004. Their websites contain pages of information and photographs for each of approximately 3,000 Properties, with a client base of around 500,000 Holidaymakers over the last four years. The projected expansion over the next two years would lead to 6000+ Properties and a Holidaymaker base of around 1,000,000.”

“Marikina CGI supplied design and coding of complete web-based applications according to a business model supplied by the Client. The systems are based around LAMP, i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl, with database access using the DBI and DBD::mysql modules. The only other pre-coded module used is CGI. The standard sendmail application is used for mail sending and SSL is used for encrypted secure connections. All other code was custom written according to the Client’s business idea and use cases.”

“An e-mail administration system to read, process and forward 6000+ emails a day. Full e-mail application functionality, search by header or content, automatic allocation of code numbers and maintenance of mailing lists and address books for the Properties and Holidaymakers. A complete messaging and online bookings system, automatic page generation system, accounting invoicing and statistics system, together with many Administration functions to setup and maintain the system.”

“The above systems are designed to allow 100% control of all aspects of the Client’s business, which is based on the Internet and must have the highest level of reliability and availability.”

During the eight year period, websites for many major European destinations were brought online.