Parsing MIDI Files to Generate Sheet Music

Type: Website Backend Scripting / MIDI File Parsing / Image Generation

Client: songbird68 via (Durian Songbird)


Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Description: A PHP parser for MIDI files to analyze the notes played by frequency, then create an image representing those notes in traditional sheet music format. Also the client came back to me later with additional work, created an admin backend to allow the client to upload MIDI files, auto parse and generate webpages containing images and links to audio files.

Reviews by Client: “If I could give 6 stars, I would. Professional, friendly, and knowledgable. I knew Dave was the right one for the job because he asked all the right questions.”

“An absolute pleasure to work with, great skills, knowledge, and design sense. Thinks about things from different perspectives: website user, business owner, administrator. Will hire again for sure.”