Out with the old, in with the new

This website hasn’t changed much in the 15 years since I registered the domain and did a very rushed design one evening. The underlying HTML and CSS was created in the days of framesets and other horrors that should never have existed, and the background imagery sized to monitors of the day, where 1024 x 768 pixels was a luxury few of us enjoyed.

It has served pretty much as a text-based CV, updated so infrequently to be worthless and hasn’t allowed me to properly showcase all the diverse stuff I’ve done since I got into professional programming. Furthermore, the other aspects and interests of my life have had to live on other platforms such as Facebook and blogs, which has made keeping everything updated a nightmare.

So the website was well overdue for a facelift, and here is the result in all its WordPress parallax scrolling, comment enabling, chronologically organized glory. Over the next weeks / months I’ll be re-documenting the past 15 years of my life as a coder, as a sci-fi geek, as a gamer, as a husband and father, and cheating the laws of time by backdating all the posts so that it all reads in chronological order.